Powerpricer mark-up Tool




The consolidator and agency mark up tool

The Powerpricer enables the agency (B2C or B2B) to manipulate Published IATA fares, negotiated and net fares, Charter and NDC fares in order to give agencies independence from zero-commission restrictions.
It even allows to mark-down fares that qualify for special commission contracts, such as override commissions, tunnel-channel fees and so on.
Mark-ups and percentage off can be defined totally independent from each other, using various criteria.
The criteria can be based upon: Airline Booking class Farebase and fare type Departure airports Arrival airports Price ranges Routings (certain VIA points as an include or exclude).

Any combination of these criteria is possible, so there is absolutely no limit.
All changes are reflected instantly in the booking engine.

The following criteria can be used

  • Carrier
  • Booking class
  • Route
  • Farebase
  • Faretype
  • Departure airport
  • Arrival airport
  • Flight Date range
  • Flight numbers
  • Price range
  • Corp Number
  • Zone definition
  • Fix amount or percentage

All calculated fares appear immediately in the booking engine within seconds after being defined in the B2C/Powerpricer.
Markups can be defined as 3 levels: consolidator level, B2B and B2C level.

Editing or deleting is possible at any time.
A detailed summary of what actually happened with the original fare will be supplied in the PNR. Selection criteria can be extended.
Agencies can also define how and where the markup should appear.


Download the product datasheet as PDF

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