All in one, one for all!

The XML API interface provides access to the full content of the Ypsilon booking engine.

One common source of content for all GDS, low-cost carriers, charters and consolidated net fares. The focus of data exchange is set on providing information for the flight booking process. In addition, information about completion of bookings is also provided. It provides access to the full GDS air content, consolidator Net fare, low-cost carrier content and charter flights.
Due to the fact that the Ypsilon XML Pro is based on officially standardized and modern technologies such as HTTPS and XML, it is extremely easy to implement.
Various knowledge sources can be found in the internet for the development of client applications.
The XML API offers content from all major GDS, over 180 low cost carriers supplied from different sources and suppliers, charters, web fares, direct connect fares and consolidator fares.
The API provides a full blown search and booking capability, from availability and pricing request to booking request.
The XML API is GDS independent and is offered as SaaS “software as a service”. It does not require any hardware on the customer side.

Available GDS and NDC content

Available CRS/ low cost carrier content

  • Avantik
  • Radixx
  • Navitaire
  • Cosmoecho
  • Easyres
  • Airkiosk

Additional content

  • Charters
  • Rail content
  • Cache algorithm to reduce look to book ratio

Supported fare types

  • Published
  • Unifare
  • Corporate
  • Cat 25/35
  • Net
  • STU (Student)
  • YTH (Youth fares)
  • Military
  • Negotiated
  • INF
  • CHD
  • ITX /Tour ops
  • PTC passenger type code

New GDS functionalities

  • Ancillary items
  • Fare families
  • Mini rules
  • Payable seat requests
  • Extreme search
  • Calendar search
  • Radius search
  • Nego space /Unifare
  • Established link to major meta search engine (Kayak, Idealo, Swoodoo etc.)


  • PCI DSS protected
  • PSD2 /SCA Strong customer Authentication enabled
  • Fraud prevention available
  • Payment via virtual credit card enabled
  • Payment via third party PSP enabled
  • Payment via Ypsilon PSP with direct link to acquiring banks possible

Who is it for?

  • OTAS (B2C)
  • Agency groups (B2B)
  • Tour operators
  • Metasearch
  • Consolidator
  • TMC´s & Corporate companies
  • Mobile solutions providers


Download the product datasheet as PDF

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