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One stop shop- Single point-of-entry to dynamically distribute, compare and book low-cost carriers from different sources and suppliers

(currently over 180 low-cost carriers worldwide and growing!)

The fragmentation of air content is constantly increasing; OTAs and agencies can not rely on the GDS alone to access the lowest fares from carriers. Air Content can no longer be queried from a single source, such as a GDS, instead requires multiple sources. Demand for low-cost carrier content has massively increased and legacy airlines are constantly seeking to diversify their distribution channels and reduce costs. Full content is increasingly only accessible via direct interfaces. For OTAs, Tour operators and agencies, it is vital to access all content sources in order to remain competitive. As content aggregator, Ypsilon.net provides the travel industry a one stop “single point-of-entry” to dyna mically distribute, compare and book hundreds of low-cost carriers, charter flights, multi GDS content and increasingly more and more airlines via the NDC standard

LCC: Over 180 low-cost airlines aggregated from multiple suppliers available via the Ypsilon.net API.

Please note that Ypsilon's systems, software and/or products (including in relation to the LCC offerings) exclude Ryanair's data

As a data highway, Ypsilon.net provides the travel industry a one stop “single point-of-entry” to access low-cost carrier content from various sources and suppliers, multi GDS content and increasingly more and more airlines via the NDC standard.

NDC: Fare content from major market-leading national carriers. NDC Carriers: click here to see actual list on the IATA Site

CHARTERS: Today Ypsilon.net is connected to more than 20 charter operators and airlines - with continued growth

TOUR OPERATOR SYSTEMS: Ypsilon.net is also connected to leading tour operator systems and provides flight content from these channels

New revenue opportunities and cost saving potential for airlines: By providing access to their booking API or interface, airlines will have access to a massive distribution platform in different markets from a single point of connectivity

Benefits for OTAs, corporate and leisure agencies and tour operators

  • Available as standalone low-cost carrier only engine or in aggregated display with regular carriers
  • Available via XML API (for leisure, corporate travel or packaging)
  • Continuous update of new low-costs carriers
  • Powersearch functionality & double one ways enabled
  • Individual user based access enabling precise booking statistics and tracking
  • User-friendly graphical interface provides all necessary information to effectively compare destination airports, departure times, flight times and airlines and prices
  • Possibility to group airports in City zone (example: LON LHR LCY STN LGW) and to show all carriers serving all specific airports
  • Confirmation file key returned with clear price and taxes breakdown
  • Available in end customer B2C as well as B2B agent version
  • Creation of Passive PNR in GDS for tracking and back-office purposes
  • Precise statistics of all bookings per date, carriers and price
  • Full booking history per file key
  • Individual setup per agency of service fee
  • Payment via Virtual credit card possible (ideal for B2B or packaging)
  • Secured payment/less fraud as VCC is only valid for a unique transaction
  • PCI DSS secured payment
  • Ancillary enabled
  • Cache data Available in different format (EDF, EDF binary, OTDS, JSON, CSV)

Benefits for suppliers

Do you want to effectively distribute your content to thousands of OTAS, tour operator and agencies groups worldwide at no costs?

  • Increase your revenue
  • Increase distribution through over 80,000 point of sales (B2B and B2C)
  • Control your distribution channels
  • Distribution in China facilitated through acceptance process of CUP cards and payment through Virtual credit cards (AX/CA)
  • Reporting through booking statistics
  • State of the art Fraud prevention can be activated
  • Work with a fully certified PCI DSS level 1 partner
  • Minimized scans through import of cache data
  • Cache data can be produced in different format (EDF, EDF binary, OTDS, JSON, CSV) for player technologies
  • Reduce distribution costs
  • Access new sales channel through a single point of distribution
  • Control the distribution of your inventory and prices
  • Increase sale of ancillaries
  • Increase sale through an NDC certified distribution partner
  • Booking data is "fraud checked" before booking request is sent to carrier
  • PSD2 /SCA Data sent in pre-authentication mode to carrier in Booking Request


Download the product datasheet as PDF

Available Charter Content

  • 5 vor Flug
  • Alltours
  • Attika Reisen
  • Bentour Reisen
  • Condor
  • Dertour
  • DTA Touristik
  • ETI
  • FTI Touristik
  • ITT GmbH
  • Involatus
  • Olimar Reisen
  • Phoenix Reisen
  • Rhomberg Reisen
  • Schauinsland Reisen
  • V-Tours

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