Automated Fraud Prevention System




In addition, provide sophisticated fraud check management tools that enable companies to considerably reduce their fraud risk. The fraud engine can be individually customized to the need of each company using a sophisticated algorithm combining rules definition, enhanced cross referencing systems, machine learning technology and "big data".
Based on scoring results, the fraud check application can also trigger pre-defined actions on all major PSS and GDS’s such as cancel, suspend, void, refund, insertion of special remarks, OSI’s or the execution of individual queuing commands.
The fraud pattern recognition can be adapted to the specific customer needs and markets. Rules can be precisely defined based on hundreds of metrics such as IP Geolocation, address normalisation, device fingerprint, email profiling, velocity checks as well as internal and external modules such as negative and positive lists, customer solvency information, Perseuss data, Ethoca alerts, CPF numbers etc.
As an IATA Strategic Partner, works close with airlines and agencies to combat online payment fraud. •

Main features

  • The system can be deployed for Airlines, OTA or travel agencies.(direct access via PCC or OID)
  • Bin range/card verification Number (CVN)
  • IP geo location
  • PNR routing analysis
  • Emails profiling
  • Dynamic blacklist & white list
  • Avoid litigation and compensation law suits
  • Device fingerprint
  • Address normalization
  • Velocity check / Pattern identification
  • Ability to customize rules and strategy per agency, OTA, carrier or even by point of sale
  • Cross referencing across platforms, establishing contact between distribution, suppliers and GDS to identify CPP (common point of purchase) or CPC (common point of compromise) more effectively
  • Powerful algorithm is updated daily to cope with changing fraud trends and evolutions
  • Modifications of rules and Algorithm are immediately effective
  • Ability to import individual fraud data into common blacklist per POS
  • Reduce ADMs
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Reduce charge backs and revenue loss
  • Reduce manual fraud verification
  • Reduction of false positive rate
  • Streamline agency /OTA /Carrier processes
  • Easy to deploy and configure via GUI
  • Full GDS /CRS interaction based on scoring (cancel, queue, OSI, RM, RC,suspend, VOID etc.)
  • Visual fraud data and PNR mapping and reconciliation
  • Post scoring automation and statistics

Interaction can be generated in every Format and in all major Systems

  • Remarks
  • Confidential remarks
  • OSI
  • SSR
  • VOID Ticket
  • Suspend ticket
  • Cancel
  • Remove seating assignment
  • Queue management based on scoring
  • Automated email based on scoring


  • Amadeus Altea
  • Sabresonic
  • FLX
  • Travelport


  • Navitaire
  • Raddixx
  • NextRes
  • AirKiosk
  • CosmosEcho
  • Radixx
  • Avantik

The fraud prevention system is also available via XML API allowing diverse request types such as:

  • Fraud Scoring
  • Authorize
  • Purchase
  • Revert authorize
  • Revert purchase
  • Store payment data
  • The XML API can be used independently from the automation and reconciliation platform

Complete statistics to fully monitor and control fraud evolution


Download the product datasheet as PDF

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