Shop until you drop: Ypsilon deploys revolutionary search engine for flights

The classic search function from A to B on a given date has been enhanced with new criteria that allow an immense flexibility and the biggest choice for an abundance of selections and search options that ever existed in the market.

Examples for the new search options:

  • BUDGET: Clients with a budget of e. g. 300 € and time on their hands that do not know where to go.
  • TRAVEL DURATION: Clients with e. g. 10 days off searching for a travel destination with a good price-performance-ratio.
  • CHEAPEST DEPARTURE AIRPORT: Clients which have defined their travel destination and want to flexibly choose their departure airport by cheapest offer.
  • CHEAPEST OFFER FOR VARIOUS TRAVEL DESTINATIONS: Clients which simply want to see all the cheapest prices for any destinations and then make up their minds where to go to.
  • SELECTION BY CARRIER: Clients with e. g. Lufthansa Miles which want to fly on their miles on a given time range and want an overview of offers for all or selected Lufthansa destinations.
  • SELECTION PER FARE TYPE AND PRICE: Clients with a given travel duration and a limited budget, wondering what low cost or regular carrier offers which rates up to their budget limit.

The new Globalshopper technology aggregates on average 90 million of cached fare data for lowcosts, GDS fares and net fares from hundreds of different points of sales and pre- analyzed ATPCO fares provided directly from Ypsilon databases. Availability is then verified and booked once a destination is selected.
The data is also available as a JSON or XML structured export allowing to use the data to build teasers or landing pages.

Once the destination and date is selected, the user or agent can book his flight in conjunction with a hotel, car and transfer using the Ypsilon dynamic packaging engine with the reassuring knowledge that all transactions are secured through PCI DSS credit card protection.

The globalshopper is also available in the world map version.

Customer or agent can visualize at one glance which destination is offered at what price.
Filters can be used to define a price range and a departing airport or country.
The next release will show prices that include Air + car, Air + Hotel or all three elements.
It will also allow users to filter per fare type: show low-cost low carrier only or regular carriers only.
Time period filters now available on the regular globalshopper version is also be available on globalshopper Map version (show only weekends, show only travel duration of 5, 10 days etc.).
By clicking on the price , the user will be able to book a flight to the selected destination automatically for his selected dates.


Download the product datasheet as PDF

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