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In an increasingly diverse booking channel scenario the profiles are most commonly held by a single proprietary system, which will not make this information available for any other supplier. profiles allow you to regain the control and access to one of your most valuable assets, the information you have gathered from your corporate customers. The xml interfaces of Profiles can be used by third party providers in booking workflows or for synchronization. The profiles can either be synchronized or retrieved „on demand“, wherever profile Synchronisation is not feasible or wanted.
At the same time your agents can benefit from the interfaces to the GDS to update the profiles there for offline use. Various partners also offer a standardized bidirectional exchange of profile information. Profiles is a central database for companies, business and private travellers. The profile system is fully integrated into all booking engines, B2B as well as B2C and call centre applications. Use your profiles to book NDC, lowcost and GDS within the IBE and log all IBE bookings for the customer in the booking history of the user profile.
Outsource the maintenance of your profiles to the corporate customer using the self registration functionality, as well as users available on every hierarchy level. Secretaries or travel managers can manage multiple profiles using their own login.
The application provides a GUI for data entry as well as an interface to Amadeus and Cytric. A generic XML import/export interface is offered for third parties and currently used by Atlatos and Midoco for data synchronisation. The Amadeus interface synchronizes data entered in the Ypsilon Profiles application to Amadeus CSX profiles, with a customer configuration used for RM, RC, RX and AP fields. All structured elements are mapped by Ypsilon.Net.
The Cytric interface allows for synchronization in both directions between Ypsilon Profiles and Cytric (a product of i:FAO) with a mapping provided by Ypsilon.Net.
Individual imports of customer data are possible, however the development costs are borne by the customer if requested.

Main functionalities

  • Interfaces as described above
  • Individual configuration of Amadeus RM, RC, RX and AP elements per agency
  • Automatic transfer of all changed profile information at configured time intervals
  • Access of different user groups to the GUI


(a) travel agent (agency level user)
(b) travel manager (company or department level user)
(c) business traveler (individual traveler user)
(d) representative (individual traveler user which has been given the right to edit data by another traveler)

  • Possibility to store credit card information PCI DSS compliant
  • Multiple forms of payment per company, department or traveler
  • Possibility to store company specific information including set up of additional data configuration
  • Possibility to store traveler specific information
  • Available 24 X 7
  • Profile database for both customers and travel agencies
  • Import from HR data
  • individual setup of travel policies
  • Possible profile synchronisation to all GDS and booking engines
  • Single sign on
  • Portal integration
  • PI DSS compliant encryption of creditcard details
  • Self registration of business travelers using a company log-in and passwords
  • Export interface to provide data to other IBEs
  • Data synchronization with Cytric
  • CSV exports


Download the product datasheet as PDF

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