Integrated IT and payment solutions for the travel industry

The travel industry requires more than ever fully integrated solutions as opposed to patchworks of hard to maintain incompatible software.
Ypsilon provides end-to-end IT solutions for the travel industry ranging from fare management, multi GDS B2B/B2C booking engines and XML API, low-cost carrier content, hotel and car engines, ticketing robots, mid- and back-office systems, tour-operator modules, cache data in diverse formats (EDF/EDF binary/OTDS/JSON/CSV/INFX) to PCI DSS solutions, fraud prevention systems and payment solutions.
Our goal is to provide our customers with a fully integrated turnkey solution to meet their specific needs at a competitive price.

Travel IT Solutions


Flight engine B2C

Flight B2C IBE

Flightpro is a multi source booking engine that can be easily customized and used as white label on any web site.
It is a multi-GDS/CRS engine (Amadeus, Sabre, Travelport, FareLogix, Low-cost carriers, Charter content, consolidator net fares) and multi-language internet booking engine (IBE) offered as SaaS (Software As a Service)

Continue reading …

B2B Agentweb

Flight B2B IBE

B2B Agentweb Inventory suppliers as well as travel agencies are pressured by the market to optimize productivity and maximize profitability. Agents need a system that can simultaneously search, analyze and book a vast array of fares inventory from different sources as well as branded fares and Ancillary items. (GDS, Charters, low-cost carriers, direct connect, consolidated fares etc.) Continue reading …

Low-cost Carriers & Charters

Low-cost Carriers & Charters

One stop shop- Single point-of-entry to dynamically compare and book low-cost carriers (currently over 180 low-cost carriers worldwide and growing!)
50% with direct XML connection to the carriers reservation system. Continue reading …



The XML API interface provides access to the full content of the Ypsilon booking engine.
One common source of content for all GDS, low-cost carriers, charters and consolidated net fares.The focus of data exchange is set on providing information for the flight booking process. In addition, information about completion of bookings is also provided. Continue reading …


Cache Data

Cache Data

The demand for “Air big data ” has become extensive and maintaining cached fare information is now a strategical asset for travel companies.
Today the volume of data that can be stored and processed is enormous and requires adapted and powerful technology and infrastructure.Continue reading …

Fare Entry System

Fare Entry System

Consolidators have the need to capture and manage their contracted net fare agreements that they receive from the airlines into a dynamic database.
Airlines need to manage the fares they distribute to consolidators and the fares they use in their e-commerce booking platform.
Furthermore, airlines need to be able to redistribute their fares in different formats. Continue reading …



ORCHESTRA: The efficient Fulfilment Solution for Call Centers
Drive a higher percentage of touchless transactions and ensure high-level PNR quality. From an effective management of margins to a complex queue management to a highly efficient ticketing automation – ORCHESTRA covers the entire aspects of Fulfilment. Continue reading …


Powerpricer mark-up Tool

The Powerpricer enables you to manipulate Published IATA fares and net fares in order to give consolidators or travel agents independence from zero-commission restrictions.
It even allows to mark-down fares that qualify for special commission contracts, like override commissions, tunnel-channel fees and so on. Continue reading …




Powerstatsis a web-based data analysis solution that provides airlines and OTAS with immediate and accurate data analysis of booked flights.
The Powerstats database is not fed by data provided by tapes but is directly queried from our flight booking database, hence making the available … Continue reading …



Ypsilon Customer Profiles – Ypsilon.Net developed, runs and maintains a profile synchronization system and data base. The application provides a GUI for data entry as well as an interface to Amadeus and Cytric. Continue reading …



Shop until you drop:
Ypsilon deploys revolutionary search engine for flights
The classic search function from A to B on a given date has been enhanced with new criteria that allow an immense flexibility and the biggest choice for an abundance of selections and search options that ever existed in the market. Continue reading …

Mid- and Back-Office

Mid- and Back-Office

ETACS – Web based Mid- and Back-Office Solution for the Travel Business
The revolutionary ETACS application is a new platform that offers travel agency or travel companies a web based integrated mid- and back-office solution. Continue reading …


Tour Operator IBE

Tour Operator IBE

Magic.res is a new web based platform that enables booking of multi source content such as packages, vacation housing, bus travel, charter flights, car rental, hotels, insurance, cruises and of course Air content. Even the TUI-Products are available through a direct connection … Continue reading …



Merge car rental content with flights from different sources. Car content can be merged with low-cost carrier, consolidator net or nego fares as well as published fares or charter flights. Car rental content captured via XML from different sources(i.e Sixt, Dertour, Holiday Autos, sunnycars). Price calculation automatically updated to reflect price of car rental per person plus price per person of flight. Continue reading …

Hotel IBE

Hotel IBE

Fly and stay merge hotel content with flights from different sources. Hotel content from different sources can be merged with low-cost carrier, consolidator net or nego fares as well as published fares or charter flights. The hotel content can be captured via XML via GDS. Continue reading …

Content, Global reach and Security!


Content and connectivity

Content and connectivity

Content is the most vital asset of any travel company. Ypsilon not only accesses all major GDS but also provides content from over 180 low-cost carriers, charters, hotel, rental car, rail and insurances content. By aggregating content from different sources, Ypsilon offers a one stop shop for retailers searching for multi-content booking engines. Ypsilon not only provides retailers with the technology to grow and expand their distribution, but also with payment, PCI DSS and fraud prevention solutions.

Distribution and global reach

Distribution and global reach

We connect suppliers to distributors and customers. Airlines and travel content providers can access thousands of agencies and customers worldwide through Yspilon.Net, providing an efficient distribution platform for their inventory. Content made available through Ypsilon can be deployed instantly and distributed globally, providing scheduled and low-cost carriers, hotels and car-hire companies a highly profitable alternative distribution platform.

Infrastructure and scalability

Infrastructure and scalability

Airlines and travel suppliers must be able to distribute their inventory efficiently and cost effectively. It is imperative that the technology provided is powerful enough to sustain thousands of simultaneous queries per second without problem or delay. Ypsilon provides a scalable and powerful industrial infrastructure based on servers spread over multiple centers, hosting over 280 physical servers and 120 virtual servers connected to multiple internet providers. Power you can rely on!

Payment solutions



Payment Services

Payment Services

Ypsilon Payment Solutions is not only PCI DSS level 1 certified company but also registered with VISA Europe as Merchant agent and is listed on
A Payment-Service-Provider (PSP) provides the technical connection between a Merchant /Online shops and a payment provider such as a credit card acquirer or a Bank through a payment page or payment processes.As a PSP, Ypsilon connects to acquiring banks in order to directly pass booking and payment details for validation. Continue reading …

PCI DSS Solutions

PCI DSS Solutions

Ypsilon.Net AG, global travel IT provider, has undergone a vast audit and certification procedure in order to fully comply with the security requirements of the payment card industry (PCI DSS – Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) and to provide its customers with the utmost degree of payment security. Class 1 is the highest level of PCI DSS compliance. Continue reading …

Automated Fraud Prevention System

Automated Fraud Prevention System

Ypsilon.Net AG is the fact that they can connect the payment services and fraud prevention system to all major GDS and airline CRS as well hotels & car supplier XML API’s, mid and back office software and tour operator platforms. Fraud management or payment validation can be directly related to a reservation system in order to act on the booking based on the fraud scoring or payment acceptance. Continue reading …

Ypsilon now PCI DSS class 1 certified and listed payment service provider


PCI DSS Compliant

In April 2010 – AG, global travel IT provider, has undergone a vast audit and certification procedure in order to fully comply with the security requirements of the payment card industry (PCI DSS – Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) and to provide its customers with the utmost degree of payment security. Class 1 is the highest level of PCI DSS compliance.


The latest audit and certification has been carried through by USD AG, one of the few companies authorized by the Credit card industry to conduct such tasks. The encryption and storage of sensitive data has been upgraded in order to meet the stringent security standards of PCI DSS 3.0. No stone has been left unturned, the restructure involved several aspects such as personnel related security, safety and traceability, general security and reliability.


The audit and certification procedure of the codes, processes and all system components included in the scope of PCI DSS compliance took place over a period of 12 months. The complete card holder environment, the part of the Ypsilon network that processes and stores card holder data or sensitive authentication data, has been audited and verified. The certification encompassed verifications on firewalls, switches, routers, wireless access point, network appliances, and other security appliances, web, application, database, authentication, mail, proxy, network time protocol (NTP), and domain name server (DNS). The result is that Ypsilon is not only class 1 PCI DSS certified but is now also in a position to offer safe storage facility and credit card neutralization services by usage of tokens to third party companies.


CEO Hans Joachim Klenz

The travel industry as a whole has been heavily targeted by credit card fraud and it is our responsibility as a leading IT solution provider to ensure the highest degree of payment security for the protection of our customers. They are entitled to that and it is extremely important for any IT provider which stores, processes or forwards credit card details to ensure such protection; after all the consequences of card fraud can be extremely costly to all involved. As in many areas, Ypsilon is now also first mover in terms of data security certification. We have optimized all relevant environments with great care in order to comply with the highest security level of the industry like banks, financial institutes and other huge corporations do that process extremely sensitive data. Thus, customers should always differentiate which class of a PCI DSS certification an IT provider holds.

CEO Ypsilon.Net AG Hans Joachim Klenz

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Ypsilon.Net AG

More than 20 Years Experience in the travel industry …

Ypsilon.Net AG

Established in 1994, Ypsilon.Net AG is a global provider of internet travel technology for airlines, consolidators, travel portals and travel agencies.
The e-travel applications produced and offered by Ypsilon.Net AG are used by thousands of customers worldwide and range from fare management tools, air, hotel and car booking engines, cache content, customer profile manager, ticketing and mid office solutions to fraud prevention system, travel industry specific PCI DSS and payment solutions.
Ypsilon.Net AG provides not only high-end internet technology but also substantial content. It connects to all major GDS and CRS and offers full low cost carrier content as well as car, hotel, rail, insurance, charter and tour-operator content.
Ypsilon.NET AG is a PCI DSS level 1 certified company and registered with VISA Europe as Merchant agent and is listed on

Our ability to provide Travel IT as well as payment solutions makes Ypsilon a unique hybrid company and allows us to supply fully aggregated solutions to the travel industry.

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